On the Nature of Business Trips and the Society of Vale

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On the Nature of Business Trips and the Society of Vale Empty On the Nature of Business Trips and the Society of Vale

Post by Delight on Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:42 pm

The world exists in a state of constant, rapid motion. Social motion, technological motion, society was not some sort of static thing but a fluid, living, evolving creature. That was what Whitney believed, which was why as she arrived in the city of Vale, she could only chuckle to herself. She hadn't been in Vale for years, and yet nothing had changed. All was in order, all was in seemingly a perpetual stasis. Perhaps that stasis was from its leader, or maybe the people of vale themselves yearned for it. After all, Vale was what one could call a twisted society, behind its shiny and perfect exterior.

But philosophical musings, while gripping to Whitney's psyche, were not necessary for why she was here. The small faunus, smaller than most of the student body in fact, walked through the campus, attracting attention from many. She was Doctor Whitney White, the leader in the very new, very experimental field of Aura Research. Her long, white hair which flowed blew slightly in the light breeze, her yellow eyes taking in the campus that she had so long been forbidden from. She was no Huntress, and for a long while, Ozpin insisted on keeping her away. Never a man fond of her practices or her area of study, that one. However, he had agreed to meet with her, but she was mostly here to pick up an object from a particular benefactor of hers. A not very legal benefactor she met during her time in exile in the Kingdom of Mistral. The meetign was mostly a nice pretense.

Her fitted, formal black dress that was accompanied by a white vest and tie, all and all contributing to her monochrome appearance, stood in stark contrast to the uniforms and more casual clothing of the student body. But that did not bother Doctor White one bit. She carried at her side a briefcase, what she would be using to gather the little artifact and transport it. Still, perhaps someone would interrupt her on her little venture...

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